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How to manage your energy around Christmas madness

It’s that time of the year.

The countdown to Christmas is in full swing, and with it all the frenzy and madness can start to send you in to a real old state which looks and feels nothing like peace and joy.

Here are 7 tips to manage your energy around the Christmas madness:

1. Grounding

Just like a tree can’t stand up if it doesn’t have roots, our energy also needs to be grounded to have the right foundations. If we don’t anchor our energy then we will be all over the place. We will feel restless and unsettled.

So take 5-10 minutes at the beginning of each day to ground yourself.

With this I mean connecting yourself to the here are now.

It can be meditating (there are some great guided meditations out there – find a couple that resonate with you), it can be having a walk outside, it can be anything really that makes you feel connected with the earth (which is why it’s a great way to place your feet and hands firmly on the ground).

Lighting a candle, having a cup of tea or coffee outside.

Anything which tunes in with your energy and makes you feel ‘connected’ to the here and now (silencing your mind for a couple of minutes and focusing on your breathing).

Get in to a habit of starting your day with this and see the difference it makes!

2. Pay attention to the signals

Our bodies know what is best for us. And they tell us. The thing is we tend to ignore those subtle signs, and if we keep on doing this, our bodies will do more and more to grab our attention.

So before that happens, start taking notice of the little signs your body is giving you.

Are you feeling tired? Then it’s time to take a break. Sit down, or stop whatever you are doing.

5 minutes of ‘you’ time will do wonders, whereas keeping on at something when you are tired or not coming from the right place will be pointless and a waste of your time.

3. Why speed up?

Look at the bigger picture.

WHY are you doing what you are doing? Why are you rushing? Do you really have to? Does it really matter that much in the bigger scheme of things?

Stop for a minute and look at it from the outside and ask yourself how is joining in the madness going to help you.

Respect your natural rhythm. You know what it is. It’s the one that ’feels’ right.

4. Have some fun

What does Christmas spirit mean to you? What does it feel like?

If it means having a bit more fun, then make sure you inject more fun in to your day.
I am pretty sure that it doesn’t mean spending hours in traffic or queuing in the shops.

Do something that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel more Christmas-sy – whatever that may be, as long as it makes you ‘feel’ as you want to feel and lifts your vibe.

5. Boundaries

If you don’t have any boundaries or if you have them but don’t keep them, how can you expect other people to see them?

Clients can get sucked in to the ‘this is urgent’ frenzy and start bashing down your boundaries, so be mindful of what feels ok with you and what is going to make you feel drained or stressed.

Christmas time often goes hand-in-hand with family gatherings and when all family is in the same place, it can often be quite stressful rather than that perfect picture we would like it to be in our heads. Some well-or-not-so well-intended comments can really trigger us, so make sure you do have boundaries in place and you respect them, so that no one steps over a line and more damage is done.

Making our boundaries known does not mean we have to do it in a forceful, rude or aggressive way. But by respecting them ourselves, we are sending out the right message, showing that we love and respect ourselves. It’s an inside-out job.

Remember: you are only responsible for what you say and the way in which you say it (as well as what you don’t say).

6. Self-care

What are you doing to take care of your own needs? Are you having enough rest? Are you having any ‘you’ time?

Whatever it is that floats your boat, make sure that you do it during this busy time of year.

Even if that is for 10 minutes a day. Something that makes YOU feel special.
‘Cause it is the season to feel special.

And because ‘YOU are worth it’ (hair swish).

7. Perception

Being part of the same family, doesn’t mean you think or feel the same about everything.

Leave your judgements aside and remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Do your best to see it from someone else’s angle, and encourage them to do the same.

Our own truth is true to us.

And that is all that matters.

If you put just one of these tips in to action, you will notice a shift in your energy.

So imagine what will happen if you take all 7 of them on board…


Expecting some energy stealers this Christmas?

Are you expecting (and probably dreading) a visit from some energy stealers this Christmas?

You know what I mean.

Christmas is supposed to be all about love, joy and peace.

It’s supposed to be all about loving-thy-neighbour and gratitude mixed with a bit of magic in the air: the Christmas spirit…

The picture we have in our head

We have visions of the house being perfectly decorated, carols playing in the background, it’s snowing outside but nice and cosy inside, the fire is on and our nearest and dearest are gathered around a magnificent Christmas tree, opening their presents and squealing with joy…


The reality is probably us dashing around like a mad woman, frantically trying to get everything organised in the kitchen, hitting the G&T way too early, whilst the kids are moaning about ‘when are we going to open the presents?’, Grandpa is probably snoring in the corner with (hopefully just his mouth) open, and squabbles between family members who aren’t under the same roof all that often (and this is probably why). It’s all over by 8pm and then we still have to tidy up the kitchen before crawling in to bed or passing out on the sofa.

Our expectations, the picture we have in our head of how we would like it to be and the real thing, probably don’t have much overlap.

It is what it is, and although you might love Christmas (I certainly do), the whole experience can take its toll on your energy.

So I’ve put together a few tips on how to manage your energy during the build up to it and the actual day:

⭐️ Make sure you ground yourself every morning and night (this means taking control of your energy and can be as simple as standing in a particular spot – the kitchen is a good place – taking a deep breath, closing your eyes and imagining you have roots coming from your feet and into the ground – yes, just like a tree). Then imagine these roots are carrying all the unwanted energy from your body and into the ground for Mother Nature to recycle. No I’m not joking. That is basically it.

⭐️ Be aware of who the energy stealers are and set boundaries for yourself before they arrive.

⭐️ Don’t join in their drama – keep any reactions calm and neutral.
Think of yourself as a fly on the wall. You know what I mean.

⭐️ When the energy stealer has left the room and your home, it’s time to clear the energy. Clapping is a great way to do this (and it’s quite exhilarating too). It may seem a bit strange, but who cares if it get rid of that energy you don’t want hanging around.

And above all, ask yourself what are the feelings you want to feel at Christmas?

Then do something every day that brings out this feeling, because that will put you in the right vibration, and attract more of that feeling.

For me, it has to have FUN! So I’ll be doing things that bring that feeling, which will probably involve quite a good dose of silly-ness.

What to do about annoying clients

Sometimes we have clients who are extremely challenging.

They push all sorts of buttons.

Buttons we didn’t even know we had.

And our natural reaction is probably to say something along the lines of: “ok I can’t be bothered with him/her, he/she’s not my ideal client, let me send him/her away, let me not be bothered with him/her, he/she isn’t worth it, let me not waste my time with him/her, let me not waste my energy with him/her…”

The reason we do this really is that, once again, our ‘I-like-to-be-right’ mind is taking over.

Why does it do that?

It does that because sometimes we just don’t want to face stuff.

Because it’s hard.

It’s not easy to deal with troublesome clients that trigger negative emotions.

But the thing is… you need to be the bigger person here.

Your clients are going to have struggles of their own.

Even your ideal clients are going to have wobbles.

And so your not-so-perfect clients are also going to have wobbles.

If you really want to learn, if you really want to keep striving to learn a little more, to be a little bolder, to grow in to a better version of yourself, you are going to have to get used to feeling uncomfortable.

You are going to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Yes, of course you can go through this life plodding along and ignoring the people who annoy you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But if you are reading this, it’s probably because you aren’t a ‘plod-through-life’ kind of person.

If you choose to just fill your business with ideal clients, your ‘easy’ clients, you will probably end up feeling bored with your business.

Because you won’t be growing as a person, therefore your business can’t grow.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that we only grow when we stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone – and this is exactly it.

When you are in your comfort zone, you are going to get bored.

It might be fine for a while, but at one point, you are going to lose your fizz.

And when you lose your fizz, things are going to start to go wrong in your business.

Because you are your business.

So if you don’t have fizz, your business won’t have fizz.

What I am trying to say here is that yes, that troublesome client might not be your ideal client, but if you want to really go through this life making progress, becoming a better person, becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, then you are going to have to face these things, you are going to have to be the bigger person, step up and face this shadow energy which is going to creep up every once and again.

Because just because you don’t face it this time, does not mean it won’t come back another time.

It will. Life will keep on throwing us the same thing in different ways until we learn what we need to learn from it, because it is in our best interest to do so.

You know that person that annoys you?

Hmmm – they annoy you for a reason.

It’s to teach you something.

It really is.

And it’s not always pleasant, it is very difficult to admit that they are holding up a mirror to us and showing a part of us we don’t really want to see.

It’s very difficult to admit that maybe it’s our stuff.

Yes it is their stuff, but maybe it is also triggering our stuff.

So… what I would really challenge you to do is to embrace these really not-so-ideal clients, those clients who aren’t really a good fit with us, because they are going to teach you so much, and you will grow because of it.

Take a step back, detach from the chaos that you are feeling, remove yourself from the emotions it arises, and tap in to your inner true self, your higher self, the self who really knows what is best for you, and ask yourself in all honesty:

“Do I really / can I really help this person?’ and deep down, the bottom line “Would I like to help this person?”

And if the answer is yes, try and see it from their point of view: what are they communicating to you? What are they saying without saying? What can you read between the lines?

Maybe they need something that you are not giving them, but that they could really benefit from, and maybe there are a whole lot of people out there that you could help and that would really benefit from something that you are not giving them because it’s a blind spot for you?

Take a look in to all that and see what it brings up for you.

Talk it over with someone you really trust but one who can be objective and ask yourself: “can I serve this person? What does this person need? Do I want to help them?”

And then go and serve the pants off them.

Go there, be uncomfortable, do it, because that is how you are ultimately going to grow as a person.

So that’s my advice for today.

And my challenge for you is: think of the last person who really pushed your buttons, think of them, go over the situation again. How did you handle it? What could you have done differently? What could you have learnt from them and from the situation?

Because yes, it’s their stuff, but actually it’s yours as well!

Riding the big girl’s bike


We all have them.

And we know that they can literally make us freeze from taking action.

Which means they hold us back.

We want to have xyz, we want to achieve abc, however the fear of taking the risks and action to get us from A to B can prevent us from doing so.

By allowing our fears to take over, to run the show we are limiting our options and restricting our paths.

When we listen to our fears we stay in the same place.

And that might suit you just fine.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

But, if you want something different, if you are not fulfilled with something in your life (be it in your work, your business, your personal life, a relationship, and so on), you will very likely have to do something which will be outside of your comfort zone, just because you haven’t done it before (and that’s why it’s not “comfortable”).


I am pretty sure you remember how scary it felt the first time you took the training wheels off your bicycle. How you didn’t think you could possibly keep your balance. You were probably almost sure you were going to fall off. And maybe you did. But the second time you did it, it almost certainly felt a little less scary. And the third time even less, until you didn’t even think of it as you grabbed your bike and rode it without even thinking about it.

Your comfort zone had expanded. So riding a bike without the training wheels was then within your comfort zone.

And this applies to everything.

Throughout our life our comfort zone grows as we grow.

The moment we let go of a certain fear, the moment we release it, it no longer looms over us consuming us with worry about all the potential harm that can happen to us.

We are back in control.

What do we need to do to let go of the fear?

Think back to the example of the bicycle.

What happened to actually make you start pedalling like mad?


In my case, my father was holding on to the saddle and egging me on, telling me he was right there. And as I started to furiously peddle, at first he was still there, encouraging me, but at one point he let go and I was doing it on my own.

But I didn’t know he had let go. I just trusted (in this case that he would be there, but it was also trusting myself) that it would be ok.

I gave more importance to that than to falling off.

To be honest, I can’t even remember if I did fall off, I probably did. But I certainly remember the trust and that being able to ride the bike meant more than falling off it.

So trusting and letting go of the fear.

I could have rather kept on riding my bike with the baby wheels or I could step out of my comfort zone and ride the ‘big girl’s bike.’

Focusing on how you will feel when you manage to do XYZ and giving it more importance than how you are feeling right now will help you get over the fear.

These 3 things need to happen:

  • Trust
  • Letting go
  • Focusing on how you will feel when you get / do /achieve XYZ

Asking yourself:

What is the worst that can happen?

Because actually when we take a step back and look at it, we can see that even if the worst did happen, we would bounce back. We could handle it.
Studies show that only 10%-15% of our worries actually happen.
By allowing our worries to consume us, we are in fact operating from an unrealistic place.

Back to my example, it would be feeling sore, hurting myself as I fell off.

But the thrill of riding the bicycle, making myself proud and my father proud outweighed the sore I might protentially feel.

You see, no decision you make can ever be wrong.

If you manage to look at things differently and tell yourself that you can handle whatever happens, you will be putting yourself back in control, rather than feeling helpless, frustrated and a victim of external circumstances.

You always have a choice: you can do nothing and stay where you are or you can do something about it, take action and make the changes you want to make (moving and expanding your comfort zone ) which will make you feel how you want to feel (and how you aren’t feeling right now).

And sometimes that choice will be not to change anything.
And that is absolutely fine if it doesn’t trigger you.

But fears can be very sneaky and love to disguise themselves, so if you want to see if you have some lurking in the background, think of:

  • what you have been resisting
  • what you have been making excuses about
  • what you have been blaming external circumstances for

and you will find that beneath them there is a fear which is actually running the show and keeping you stuck.

Call it out and see it for what it really is.

I love this quote by Erin Hanson:

what if



Peeling back Positivity

A few years ago there was a whole hype about Positivity.

You almost certainly heard or read about it: positive thinking, which in a nutshell is banning all of your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.

Sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it?

But is it really?

I was astonished to see that research (*) shows that we have around 70.000 thoughts a day.

Did you know that? I was really surprised when I looked up the number…

Now, whatever percentage of that number represents our negative thoughts (and I have read that it’s about 80%), can you imagine the effort and energy it takes us to be constantly trying to reframe our thoughts and retrain our mind to turn the negative ones in to positive ones?

I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

On top of being tiring, it means a lot of our energy is put in to this, and it won’t always feel right, ‘cause let’s face it:

sometimes our thoughts are negative and reflect exactly how we are feeling.

That’s it. Full stop.

So trying to reframe our thoughts and turn them in to positive ones is not really going to work if we are not in alignment with it.

In fact, it doesn’t really matter whether you have positive or negative thoughts, what actually matters is

how much power you give them.

Take any thought you have.

Let’s say it is a negative one.

Which you listen to.

When you follow that thought, you give it your attention and energy.

And the natural thing is for it to bring MORE negative thoughts.

Pop, pop, pop.

Like little puffs that attach themselves to each other until they become one huge massive black cloud.

When you give a thought your attention, you give it power.

You attach importance to it, so it swells up and gets a bit too big for its boots.

And it gains momentum.

Like a snowball rolling down a black-flagged ski slope.

The negative thought rolls in to another negative thought, which rolls in to another one and so on until you can actually have an avalanche of them – and we all know no good will come out of those.

So what are you supposed to do?

Just let the negative thought appear and… don’t latch on to it – let it disappear.

“Poof” like a bubble that pops in and out but which you don’t attach your attention to – you just let it pass by.

Instead, let you attention go to whatever else you were doing when that negative thought popped up (reading, working, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, driving the car…) – whatever it was you were doing, bring your focus back to that.

This might sound quite straightforward and it is, but if you aren’t used to doing it, it will take some practice and conscious effort on your part to do it.

Please don’t beat yourself up every time you slip and find yourself following that thought.

Remember, you have another 69.000 times that same day to take another shot at it.

And the same goes for positive thoughts: don’t feed them too much either.

They are only thoughts.

They don’t define you, even though your mind likes to trick you in to thinking they are part of who you are.

They aren’t.

Thoughts are mostly either worrying about the future (which hasn’t happened) or mulling over the past (which we can’t change), and rarely about what is going on in the here and now – which is the most important.

So let your attention go to what is going on right then in the present moment.

Because this is what being mindful is all about.

And being present in the here and now is massively important for using your energy well and being aligned.

So to wrap this up:

  • it’s not really about thoughts being positive or negative
  • it’s about the power you give those thoughts
  • and by power I mean attention (giving your attention = focusing your energy on them)
  • so start by taking notice of how much you are allowing your thoughts to lead the way
  • and notice where they are leading you and what feelings and emotions they are bringing
  • then do your best to when you have a thought (be it positive or negative one) just let it appear, then disappear without letting it grasp or divert your attention
  • allow your thoughts to come and go naturally, without ‘taking over’
  • and bring your focus back to what you were doing when that thought popped up

Voilà! A recipe to make the most of your energy and take the power back, to choose which thoughts you want to focus on!

This does not mean that you should not have any thoughts at all.

It’s about being mindful about how much power you are giving them, and giving the power to the thoughts you really want to explore.

Speaking of which… I would love to hear your thoughts about this 🙂

* source: – Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, University of Southern California



Why negative emotions don’t go away

All through our lives we tend to turn our backs on things that don’t go away, like negative emotions, because they make us feel bad.

And who wants to feel bad?
So we shut negative emotions away.
We lock them deep inside ourselves.
And we just carry on.


When we hide away from those negative emotions and feelings, when we don’t let them surface, when we don’t acknowledge them, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
They are still there.
They are just stuffed away.
Locked away in a box.


They will surface when we see them reflected back to us in other people’s behaviours and personalities.
And that will trigger us.
It’s the way our system has of telling us those negative emotions and feelings are still there.
They need to come out.
They need to be acknowledged.


Only when we face them.
Only when we allow ourselves to feel the hurt, the pain, the bad and the ugly.
Only then, will we be be able to heal and really let whatever negative emotions that need to go, go.
And be free.

So go on and see which boxes or doors need to be unlocked.
And unlock them.
It’s liberating.

Life Without Triggers

It’s been almost 4 years since I had energy work done on myself for the first time.

I didn’t have a clue that energy work even existed, but for a very personal reason, gave it a go.

And it changed everything for me.

It was like those light bulb moments you hear about.

Except I was the light bulb, because I was the one who suddenly felt ‘lit up’.

Or rather, it felt as though someone had pressed my reset button.

I felt calm. And peaceful. And ‘me’.

And the thing is… I hadn’t felt as if ‘I wasn’t me’.

I wasn’t ‘feeling lost’ or going through an ‘identity crisis’ or anything like that.

In fact I was a very happy bunny, enjoying my life and feeling fulfilled.

But then it just so happened (and maybe now years later I can say that it wasn’t really ‘just by chance’) that I had a week of energy work.

I didn’t really even know what energy work was.

It was just before Christmas, I was staying with my family and, like most families, when we are all together under the same roof for some time, we have a fair share of impassioned and dramatic moments.

Add Christmas in to the equation and you can times that by a few dozen.

So let’s just say there were a few electrifying moments.

Nothing unusual and all taken with a pinch of salt.

No hard feelings. It’s just how we function as a family.

But that year it was different.

I felt detached.

I was right there, hearing the words, I was witnessing what was being said, but I just wasn’t ‘affected’ by it.

I wasn’t reacting.

It was as though I was observing everything from above, from the outside.

Almost as if I wasn’t in the same room, except I was.

And it felt kind of surreal.

But I remember it vividly.

Because I felt so serene.

The expression I used at the time to describe it was ‘it’s as if she pressed a reset button’.

I just felt ‘very me’.

I felt ‘myself.’

I also felt totally and completely at peace.

Fast forward 4 years later, after having lots of energy work done on myself, lots of learning about it myself, lots of training and using it now the other way around, with my clients… and just recently I was in another situation which would have triggered me ‘big time’ before.  Except it didn’t.

Now I know that it is because of all the energy work I do.

Now I know it is because I am more aligned.  And now I know and understand why.

But I still remember how 4 years ago it felt like magic. I vividly still remember that first time.

I still remember how amazed I felt at not being sucked in to it. Even though I usually would. Which would make me feel awful. Which would drain me.

I just don’t get triggered in the same way anymore.

On a conscious level I do.

I think ‘I don’t agree with that’ or ‘I don’t see it that way’.

But I don’t feel triggered.

I just don’t feel the emotional upset.

My energy processes it differently.

It just knows what to do.

It protects ‘me’.

And that is because I am in synch with myself.

Now I can just observe and feel ‘detached’.

It doesn’t mean I am not compassionate or empathetic.

It’s just I now see and feel things for what they are – words and situations.

Of course this doesn’t happen all the time.

Sometimes I still get annoyed and upset. I am not a robot.

But, in situations that would really trigger me before, I am able to stay connected with myself. I can protect my energy and not get ‘sucked in’ to situations I don’t want to get sucked in to.

And wow, that has been absolutely life changing.

So… what can you take out of this for you?

Start taking notice of situations and people that upset you – these are your triggers.

Being aware of what triggers you and how you react is a HUGE first step.

So start with that.

Because awareness can bring change.






What other people think of me

I am in South Africa this week visiting my best friend.

Last night we had a barbecue at her house with a bunch of her friends.
I knew some of them, I didn’t know others.
And as is expected, when you meet someone for the first time you have the normal chit chat – hello, where do you live, how long are you here for, etc. etc.
So I had quite a lot of that throughout the evening.

And it went more or less like this:
So why are you living in Brazil?
And where were you living before?
In China? For how long?
And before that?

And more questions.
Which is normal.
But I must say it made me feel a bit awkward.
Because my normal isn’t theirs. Which is fine.

My normal is to move around every couple of years, depending on where N’s work takes us. And luckily my work can go with me wherever I go. It just turned out that way. And I am very grateful for that. And I do love our life, but I know it’s not for everyone. We are settled for a couple of years and then we are uprooted and move to another country and start all over again.
And like everything, it has it’s pro’s and con’s.
It takes time to settle each time.
I have to make new friends, find a a support network, find a place to live, get to know our new surroundings, we have to adapt to the culture, get to know the different neighbourhoods, find a new dentist, doctors, hairdresser, where to shop, where to find xyz, learn about the city, the do’s and don’ts.
And so on.
Which all takes time.
So things that are automatic and done without thinking for other people, aren’t for me.
It’s just different.

But this morning I realised I was still feeling rather awkward when I thought about it, I saw myself through their eyes and wondered if I seemed a bit blasé.

And I caught myself hoping that I didn’t come across as this or that, hoping I didn’t sound jaded about it.
Because this is my normal and I am myself. This is part of how I live at the moment. It has taught me a heap of things. It’s my lifestyle. Who’s to judge? Why do I care?
But I caught myself. And joined the dots, as to how this would affect my psyche – thoughts, emptions and possible blocks it might be planting in my energy.
And I don’t want that.
I am now able to notice, and to step away. To not let it settle within me.
And that’s brilliant.
And so I stopped worrying about it. I let go.

Because what other people think of me is none of my business.

And that’s the message I want to leave with you:

when you find yourself worried about something because of what other people might think, just remember that you are only responsible for what you say / do and the way in which you say / do it.

How the other person processes it is not your responsibility. It’s out of your control.

Just check in with yourself and ask yourself if you feel aligned with it, if it feels right to you, and if it does, let go of the rest by saying to yourself: ‘what other people think of me is none of my business.’

Who’s that girl?

Who's that girl?

Do you remember her?

That little girl who would squeal with delight at things that today seem so uneventful.

The one who laughed. Who made others laugh. Who felt happy. Not a care in the world.

What happened?

Well… Life happened.

People started telling her what was right and wrong, what she should or shouldn’t think, feel, believe.
Her parents. Her siblings. Her teachers. Her friends. Her family. And as she grew up and had access to different people, situations and media, she changed.

Not in one go.

Slowly and gradually.

Life happened.

She lost her spontaneity. She lost her sense of self.

Something doesn’t feel quite right.

Even though she does have a nice life. Even though she is happy. Well, sort of happy…

She can’t really complain, can she?

She shouldn’t complain, after all there are other people who are in a much worse situation than she is!

Yet… it’s as if she has somehow lost herself along the way.

She can’t quite put her finger on it, but if she is really honest she doesn’t feel much joy.

She feels rather hollow most of the time.


As if something is missing.

But, she’s not really gone.

She’s still there.

Trapped inside. Waiting to come out.

So… Get aligned with your inner truth and you will meet her again, even if it’s been a long time since you’ve seen her.

Because she’s still in there.

Now go and get her and bring her back.

Because this is where she belongs.

With you.

In the here and now.

This thing is keeping me stuck…

This has been going on for a while.
I am resisting changing the name of my branding.
Changing it again.
Because it involves lots of details, things I am not looking forward to doing.
Because I don’t really want to deal with them.
So I push them away to the back of my brain and tell myself I will do it sometime in the future.
I tell myself it isn’t a top priority.
I tell myself I will do it, but just ‘not now’.
But what I am really doing is I am just dragging it out… Delaying the inevitable.
It’s still lingering here.
As a thought.
Niggling in my mind.
Taking up mental space.
I will get around to it, I will.
Just not right now.
I have other much more important things to do.
And in the mean time it keeps taking up space.
I tell myself it doesn’t really matter.
Yet it lingers…

All of these things I am telling myself are actually just excuses.

I would feel better if I rebranded.
Sorry, I mean rebranded again. (*)
Isn’t it ironic? It makes me think I could be a verse of Alanis Morissette’s song.
Because it feels as if I am going around in circles. (*)
This isn’t the first time I would be changing my brand.
So isn’t that taking a step backwards instead of forwards? Doesn’t that mean I don’t get anything right? (*)
When I set up my business, the name that had come instinctively up to me was Unique U.
And even when I rebranded to Entrepreneurial Expat, my business name remained the same. Coincidence? I never changed it: Unique U.
Helping people bring out their uniqueness, what makes them themselves. Feeling aligned.
Getting in touch with their true essence.
And 3 years after I created it, I am coming back to it.

Not yet… But I know I will.

Because that is what feels right.

Because that is what I am actually doing again: not just coaching, but working deeper, working with people’s energy and what isn’t aligned, and helping them reconnect with their inner selves, getting rid of what isn’t theirs. Getting rid of interferences and blocks, which are stuck in their energy field and holding them back.
I’m coming full circle.
Making another U-turn.
Just like what my logo stands for.

(*) see how our mind chatter loves to get in the way and tell us all sorts of rubbish?

If you don’t know my original logo, here it is:

This thing is keeping me stuck